Hi, I'm Raph!

Raph D’Amico (he/him) is an award winning game designer in San Francisco, best known for his magical-realist game of mutational horror: The Zone. He loves making play-to-lose storygames that push analog & digital boundaries to facilitate themselves. He got into games through UX design & improv, and loves metaphors, mechs with a heart, and New Weird horror.

✉️ raph@laughingkaiju.com

Other games

  1. A Song For Our Remakers: lighthearted game in which you play cosmic beings trying to reconstruct humanity based on a handful of real memories and songs from the players’real lives. Golden Cobra 2020 Honorable Mention

  2. They Say You Should Talk To Your Plants: a game about dealing with life by talking to your plants, where you also play the plants. 2x Golden Cobra 2019 Winner including “Best Use of Silence or Non-Verbal Elements in a Game” award

  3. Your Ancestors Are Watching: a tragic tale of ancestral mechs for #sadmechjam

  4. The Tiny Book of Storygames for First Dates

  5. Other People: 2018 Golden Cobra entry

  6. Plotypus: a fun & quick hero’s journey (with the wonderful Randy Lubin)